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Online Parent Payments

Last updated Jun 2, 2023.

We can accept and hold payments on behalf of a customer using our online credit card payments service.

We charge a $1 AUD (incl GST) credit card surcharge on every online parent payment, which goes towards paying the merchant fees we incur for this service. This fee is subject to change.

The remaining funds are held as a credit on the customer's account. Pictureproducts holds these funds until such a time as the customer's project is completed, and will draw from these funds to pay any invoices which are raised for the customer.

The customer is responsible for reconciling these payments against the products they have ordered. Pictureproducts will produce all products ordered regardless of online payments held.

Return of funds

When the project is completed, any remaining credit will be returned to the customer's nominated bank account. We do not pay into personal bank accounts unless authorised to do so by the customer or their representative.


If a parent should request a refund from us, either directly or by lodging a dispute by their bank, we will subtract the value of their payment, plus any associated merchant costs incurred, from the balance of the customer's funds.

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