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Loyalty Discount Program

Last updated Feb 18, 2022.

The Pictureproducts Loyalty Discount program (previously known as Loyalty Star Club) rewards customers who place regular fundraising orders with an increasing discount.

To qualify, an order must contain at least 10 items of any type. The discount applies to each Pictureplate in the order.


For each year that you place at least one qualifying order with us, you will receive, in the following year, another Star in our Loyalty Club. The more Stars you have, the greater the discount for qualifying orders in that year.

If you do not place a qualifying order in a year, you will lose one Star in the following year, which means your discount will reduce.

The maximum number of Stars is 3. If you reach 3 Stars and continue to place qualifying orders each year, your Star level and discount will neither increase nor decrease.

Orders are considered to be placed in the year in which they arrive at our office.

Star Level Discount (AUD) Discount (NZD)
1 Star 0.50 0.50
2 Star 0.75 0.75
3 Star 1.00 1.00


Loyalty Stars belong to the customer account that accrued them and cannot be transferred between accounts or organisations with different customer codes.

4 and 5 Star customers

In the past, it was possible for customers to gain 4 or 5 Stars. These customers maintain their Star level for as long as they continue to place annual qualifying orders. If their Star level drops, it cannot be increased again past 3.

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